[wingide-users] Rearrange editor tabs?

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Mar 3 09:24:29 MST 2011

On 3/3/11 4:11 AM, Graham Wideman wrote:
> Thanks for the reply.  Good to know that this cursor feature might become available.
> Next question:  Is there a way to reorder the editor tabs? I see how to move a tab/file to a new window, and move it back (so it goes to end of row of tabs), but that's pretty laborious.  FWIW I like to order tabs left-to-right from most general to most subsidiary, as this helps keep track of what's happening when debugging.

We hope to put time into the overall GUI for 5.0 to improve things like 
the way tabs work, add more options for tool panels (like both left and 
right), improve the preferences GUI, and so forth.  Pretty much anything 
like this will be part of that general GUI overhaul so please feel free 
to send other suggestions along these lines directly to 
support at wingware.com.

> Finally, I should say that I have now spent many hours with Wing IDE, and so far it's been a smoother experience than with competing products.  It's the first Python IDE that doesn't occasionally crash for me, and the code completion is the best I've tried so far.  I actually feel like the environment is actively helping me find my way around Python functions and features, rather than requiring me to rely so heavily on other references.

I'm glad you're finding it useful!  We do work hard to make things work 
well out of the box as often as possible.



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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