[wingide-users] Rearrange editor tabs?

Dave Burkholder thinkwelldesigns at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 07:44:21 MST 2011

+1 for tab re-ordering!


If we could have 2 vertical Tool Areas (one on each side of the editing
window), that would be just the bees knees! 


I'd echo Graham's comments about the smoothness of Wing. In addition, I'd
like to mention that I just love its lightweight feel. Netbeans & Aptana are
so bloated and slow. Wing almost fees as fast as a text editor. J





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Hi Stephen,


I'd like to vote for both these features, particularly rearranging the tabs.
If this feature is implemented for the editor, please remember to implement
it for the toolboxes as well; I like different arrangements, depending on
what I'm doing.




On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 3:11 AM, Graham Wideman
<initcontact at grahamwideman.com> wrote:

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the reply.  Good to know that this cursor feature might become

Next question:  Is there a way to reorder the editor tabs? I see how to move
a tab/file to a new window, and move it back (so it goes to end of row of
tabs), but that's pretty laborious.  FWIW I like to order tabs left-to-right
from most general to most subsidiary, as this helps keep track of what's
happening when debugging.

Finally, I should say that I have now spent many hours with Wing IDE, and so
far it's been a smoother experience than with competing products.  It's the
first Python IDE that doesn't occasionally crash for me, and the code
completion is the best I've tried so far.  I actually feel like the
environment is actively helping me find my way around Python functions and
features, rather than requiring me to rely so heavily on other references.

-- Graham

At 3/2/2011 07:24 AM, Wingware Support wrote:
>On 3/1/11 10:29 PM, Graham Wideman wrote:
>>I'm just test-driving Wing IDE, and so far liking it.
>>A small point -- is there an editor mode/personality/setting which
disables the constraint on the cursor to stay within the text on each line?
Sometimes called "cursor beyond End-of-line" or something similar?
>>I know others like the default behavior, but I find the cursor jumping
horizontally as I move around vertically to be very distracting, and I get
on much better with editors that permit the cursor to maintain its
horizontal position.
>>And I notice that there's a "trim right whitespace on save" setting ,
which usually goes with "cursor beyone EOL"... so I'm hopeful.
>>Thoughts?  Thanks!
>This is something we're getting closer to supporting.  There is now the
notion of "virtual space" in the underlying code editing widget (Scintilla)
but we still have it disabled because it was causing crashing and we didn't
yet have time to debug it.
>So it's not available now but we hope to add it as an option.
>Stephan Deibel
>Wingware | Python IDE
>Advancing Software Development

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