[wingide-users] Instabilities while debugging with Wingide Pro 4.0.0-1

Anthony Floyd anthony.floyd at convergent.ca
Wed Mar 2 10:54:56 MST 2011

Unfortunately I don't have any hard data, and we're in the middle of a big push to get stuff out the door, but I wanted to report some observed instabilities with WingIDE Pro 4.0.0-1.

Our code is quite large (400k+ lines) and involves many third-party libraries including wxPython, matplotlib, and vtk. We're using python 2.5.2, wxPython, matplotlib 0.99, and a customized VTK. The OS is Windows XP SP3. The instabilities we've observed have been mostly random "crash to desktop" events while debugging our application. That is, editing is fine, but when debugging the code from within Wing, our application will suddenly terminate without throwing any exceptions. We've also observed some bizarre window behaviour bugs (dropdown boxes when clicked expand but immediately close, improper rendering of some controls, etc). None of this behaviour occurs when we run the code through the debugger in Wing 3.2, or standalone. 

I can't share the code, don't have a small sample, and I don't have the time at the moment to try to run down the problem. We're working around it by using 3.2 instead. I did, however, just want to raise the issue.

Sorry for the poor bug report. I'll try to run it down better in a few weeks when we have a bit more breathing room.


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