[wingide-users] Re: Is a Task list a planned featured?

Cesco dev at cesco.it
Wed Mar 2 08:17:17 MST 2011

Il giorno 02/mar/2011, alle ore 16.12, Wingware Support ha scritto:

> On 3/2/11 10:07 AM, Cesco wrote:
>> Could you tell me if a task list is a planned feature for a future version of WingIDE?
>> Maybe it's just me, but I cannot find that feature in WingIDE and at least for me it's very convenient. You know this kind of stuff... a place where a developer could add their to-dos and comments to the code... when you write a particular keyword in a comment, WingIDE recognizes it and add the phrase to the task list... nowadays it's becoming a quite common feature in many IDEs.
>> May I ask you if this feature is planned? I'm not asking to have this feature today, I'm just curious to know if you're planning to introduce this feature sooner or later... I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people that bother to ask features over features just like me... you cannot always make everyone happy;-)
> We do have this in our plans but it's pretty easy to set it up with the Search in Files tool by selecting Project Files as the scope and entering TODO (or whatever the marker is) as the search string.  You can also narrow the search here to only Python files if that's appropriate for your code.  You can create multiple instances of the Search in Files tool by right clicking on the tool tabs.

Thank you for this tip, I'll use it from now on

>> Ah, another question if you please... do you have a webpage where the people can ask you for features without clogging this mailing-list? Something like uservoice.com where you could post features request, vote for them and someone reply to the inquiries telling "yes, this is a reasonable request" or "No, this is plain silly" ?:)
>> I think that it would be a fun and clever way of having more feedback from your customers (if you need more of that, of course!:)
> We've stayed away from a public bug tracker / feature request list so far since we prefer to just receive requests at support at wingware.com (or you can submit from Wing's Help menu).  The issue w/ a public tracker is that we have to maintain it more carefully than we do with our private tracker and it's too easy for people to fake votes for features. Keeping it private and more personal by email gives us a better idea of what is actually wanted.  It also lets us respond with suggestions, such as the above work-around.

Point taken ;-)

Well, thank you very much for the quick reply

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