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Wed Mar 2 07:46:19 MST 2011

> I recently upgraded my Wing IDE Personal Version 3 license to version 
> 4.  Now I have two Wings, and as I understand it, I am entitled to run 
> both of them on the same machine.  I am also (slowly) experimenting 
> with python 3.  I would like to point one of the wings at python 3 and 
> the other at python 2.  At present, both point at python 2.6, but I 
> also have python 3.1 installed.  Can I do this?  If so, how?  I am 
> running Windows 7 on one machine and XP on another.

Yes, a Wing license always works with earlier major releases.  However, 
you don't need to use two Wing versions to use two different instances 
of Wing or two different Python versions.

You can point Wing to a particular Python version with the Python 
Executable property in Project Properties (from the Project menu).  You 
can then save your project from the Project menu so you have one project 
per Python version.  You just open the desired project to load that 
configuration (although you do have to restart the Python Shell from its 
Options menu and any already-active debug process manually).  Note that 
at the top of the Project view you can click on the project name for a 
popup of recent projects, so it's easy to switch.

You can launch multiple copies of Wing by launching twice from the Start 
menu or by using the command line option --new before the desired 
project name.


Stephan Deibel
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