[wingide-users] Compliments on Django integration!

Mitchell Model dev at software-concepts.org
Fri Jun 24 08:28:21 MDT 2011

After many years of off and on use of Wing I still run across things that newly delight me, both small and large. My most recent was Wing's Django integration. (Last year I did a major project in PyQt and was pleased with that too.)

This was my first Django project. I went through the tutorial, read some stuff, and sat down to code. Then I realized there would be a fair amount of tedium involved and opportunity for mistakes in setting up the project and application, as well as in syncing the database and restarting the server after making changes to model definitions. Turns out Wing knows how to do all this for me! (In addition, there's some very promising debugging support that I haven't used yet.) Thanks yet again, guys!

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