[wingide-users] Automatic indentation after a \ line continuation

Russell Warren russ at perspexis.com
Thu Jun 23 09:28:06 MDT 2011

The automatic line indentation in Wing is beyond fantastic (I want ALL 
editors for ALL languages to do it), but I don't like how it is 
handling  \ line continuations.  See this example of how Wing is doing 
it for me:

this_is_a_really_long_variable_name = \

When I use a line continuation it is because I've extended further to 
the right than I like.  I still want it to be clear that it is not a new 
line, though.  What I want is the next indentation to be one indent 
ahead of the the previous line, like this:

this_is_a_really_long_variable_name = \

Is there a way to do this?  Right now the workaround is to manually 
indent the first continuation line, and the rest then follow suit, but 
it would be better to not have to do this.  eg:

this_is_a_really_long_variable_name = \
     IWantThisLineIndentedOnlyOneLevel(arg1,  #DON'T HIT TAB ON THIS LINE!!!
                                       arg2,  #AutoTab is ok here
                                       arg3)  #and here too


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