[wingide-users] WIng 4.0 much slower than 3.2 with Google appengine project

Neal Bierbaum nrbierb at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 01:14:09 MDT 2011

I am working with a project that uses the google appengine and django.
The project is of moderate size that loads ~550 files. I have been
working with it in 3.2 for more than 2 years. In 3.2 it has reasonable
performance that is within what would be expected inside a debugger (3-5
times slower than no debug). But 4.0 is much slower -- at least an order
of magnitude! A typical simple web page action that takes only 2-3
seconds with little CPU load on 3.2 takes almost a minute with one CPU
core pegged on max with 4.0. I have tried this on every release of 4.0
hoping it would get better but there has been no change. 
I tried the fix suggested in another post about slow startup by removing
all breakpoints. This made startup much faster but did nothing for
running performance. 
Wing version: 4.03.1-deb 64-bit (version doesn't matter because
performance issue on all 4.0 releases) 
OS: Ubuntu Linux 10.04 
Python 2.5 (older rev required by appengine SDK) 
Major packages in project: Google appengine SDK using the sqllite3
backend, django 1.2 
Total files loaded for debug ~550 
Computer Hardware: Intel Duo 8400 3 GHz, 4 GB mem (no swapping issues,
all run in memory without swap touched) 
Realtime performance monitoring with gkrellm so all CPU, memory, and
swap measurements accurate 

Again I emphasize that there is no problem with Wing 3.2. This is a
problem with 4.0 only. 
Neal Bierbaum 

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