[wingide-users] wing extremely slow to start

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Fri Jun 17 23:42:56 MDT 2011

On 15.06.2011 22:47, Wingware Support wrote:
> On 6/15/11 3:08 PM, robert rottermann wrote:
>> when I am debugging in zope/plone unittests wing is unbearably slow to start.
>> it takes a couple of minutes till the first breakpoint is hit.
>> when I do the same on an other computer it is still slow but it takes only 
>> some 15 seconds ..
>> is there something I can clean out?? 
> Remove All Breakpoints in the Debug menu might help.  Also make sure that you 
> have the Debugger / Advanced / Debug Internals Log File and Extremely Verbose 
> Internal Log preferences disabled.
> Please let me know if that does not help.
> Thanks,
removing all breakpoints helped

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