[wingide-users] Wing IDE 4.0.3 released

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Sun Jun 12 15:20:37 MDT 2011

On 6/10/11 3:31 PM, Wingware wrote:
> * Provide optional reminder when Support+Upgrades is expiring


This new feature is confusing some users because the reminder is also 
showing up for non-commercial use and other license types that were 
never covered by Support+Upgrades.  Also, the notice makes it sound like 
our upgrades policy has changed (it hasn't).

I will try to issue a patch to fix this soon.  In the meantime, I 
thought I should clarify this to the list:

We have not changed our upgrades policy.  All licenses are still 
perpetual, cover all releases within a major release (currently 4.x), 
and you get a free upgrade to any new major release made within a year 
of your purchase or upgrade.  Also, support for installation problems 
and bugs that prevent use of Wing IDE is always free for all users.

Support+Upgrades was added as an option with the release of Wing IDE 4.0 
for users that want additional support and/or that prefer to pay an 
annual fee that includes upgrades to new major releases.  You get can 
more information about the optional Support+Upgrades subscription here:


Sorry for the confusion,


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
Advancing Software Development


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