[wingide-users] Problem with raw_input()

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Mon Jul 18 12:53:02 MDT 2011

On 7/18/11 2:09 PM, Chiaki wrote:
> I try to load a script plugin for Wing IDE, but I have a problem with the
> input_raw()
> For example:
> def setPath():
>      path = raw_input("Add Path: ")
>      return path
> def main():
>      f = setPath()
>      print f
> The input_raw() works fine when I evaluate the code in Python Shell, but is
> not compatible when Wing IDE execute as script.
> /Script Input Error::Scripts cannot read from stdin
> Runtime failure details:
> Exception: "<type 'exceptions.EOFError'>"
> Value = ''/
> How can I input text into my variable when I load the code as Wing IDE
> script?

If you define the script as follows it will prompt for 'path' at the 
bottom of the IDE window when the script 'set-path' is invoked:

def set_path(path):
   print path

You can also control the prompt string and expected data type, among 
other things, with the 'arginfo' function attribute, which is documented 


There are some examples of this in scripts/editor_extensions.py in your 
Wing installation.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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