[wingide-users] Minor pet peeve

Donovan Eastman dpeastman at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 12:16:26 MDT 2011

I have a minor pet peeve with the auto-indent feature in Wing.  I'd love to
have an auto-indent mode that works like this:

   - If I'm on with any text on it and press enter, then function as the
   "auto" mode does currently.
   - If I'm on a blank line and press enter, then keep the indentation at
   the same level as I am currently.

The problem I have is that I get lined up to the indentation level I want
(say, dedenting after several nested loops, or getting ready to write a new
def() ) and then I decide I want to add a blank line or two.  Suddenly I'm
kicked back to the indentation level of the last line above.

Admittedly this is a minor issue, but it gets me 100 times every day.

Any chance for a minor enhancement?

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