[wingide-users] mac os - ide 101 - python process has to be force-quit

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Thu Jul 14 09:18:10 MDT 2011

On 7/13/11 7:23 PM, David Cortesi wrote:

> Then the program runs, the widget displays, all is fine but when the
> script terminates, a Python process continues to run. It is in the
> dock as a Python 2.6 "spaceship" icon and the only way to get rid of
> it is to either: force-quit it, OR, select Options>  Restart Shell in
> the IDE.

Run in Wing 101 executes the script in the python shell so is roughly 
equivalent to typing it at the python interactive prompt.  Does it work 
if you use Debug to execute the program?



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