[wingide-users] Re: Feature request - don't remove file contents when file is deleted in background on disk

Stephen Argent steve at nullcon.org
Wed Jul 6 18:10:12 MDT 2011

Hi Russ,

The only recovery I've ever used (for Linux) has been in the form of
"testdisk", and "R-Studio Linux". I'll be sure to take a look at
"extundelete" too - thanks for the input!

I would expect if Wing is continually crawling these, it could
*potentially* make them more difficult to recover, but I'd expect only
if it was writing things to disk... Did you do more work shortly after
rm'ing? If so, it's possible this could've saved to that area of the
disk, effectively wiping out those .py files.


On 07/07/11 06:56, Russell Warren wrote:
> For future reference, I had some decent undelete success with this
> excellent tool for ext3/ext4:
> http://extundelete.sourceforge.net/
> Curiously, pretty much all files EXCEPT my .py and .ini files were
> recovered (eg: all .pyc were recovered).  The completeness of that purge
> is interesting...  I had Wing's "search in files" set up to search all
> .py and .ini files in my project, so I'm assuming it is something about
> Wing continually crawling around all those files that made them
> unrecoverable.
> Russ
> On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 4:10 PM, Russell Warren <russ at perspexis.com
> <mailto:russ at perspexis.com>> wrote:
>     I just did a completely moronic thing and did 'rm *' in my main
>     trunk.  I thought I was in my log directory... argh!  I ended up
>     killing at least a few hours of work (hopefully not more!) since I
>     hadn't checked in any of it yet.
>     Anyway - I thought I would be saved since all my files I was working
>     on were still open in Wing... but no such luck.  Wing auto-updated
>     the lot of them to have empty contents, while keeping the file name
>     as a tab.
>     Not that I plan on making this a regular occurrence, but when a file
>     is *removed* in the background (versus content changed), it might be
>     nice if the editor contents were not wiped out.
>     <sigh>
>     Russ
>     PS: if anyone has any great undelete advice on linux I'd appreciate
>     it.  It is very aggravating that it is not an easy task.  In future
>     I'm going to try trash-cli and alias it to rm somehow...
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