[wingide-users] Feature request - don't remove file contents when file is deleted in background on disk

Russell Warren russ at perspexis.com
Wed Jul 6 14:10:54 MDT 2011

I just did a completely moronic thing and did 'rm *' in my main trunk.  I
thought I was in my log directory... argh!  I ended up killing at least a
few hours of work (hopefully not more!) since I hadn't checked in any of it

Anyway - I thought I would be saved since all my files I was working on were
still open in Wing... but no such luck.  Wing auto-updated the lot of them
to have empty contents, while keeping the file name as a tab.

Not that I plan on making this a regular occurrence, but when a file is
*removed* in the background (versus content changed), it might be nice if
the editor contents were not wiped out.



PS: if anyone has any great undelete advice on linux I'd appreciate it.  It
is very aggravating that it is not an easy task.  In future I'm going to try
trash-cli and alias it to rm somehow...
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