[wingide-users] Disabling evaluation-on-autocomplete-highlight in the debug probe?

Russell Warren russ at perspexis.com
Thu Jan 13 23:25:22 MST 2011

A poor subject line, but... I'm using SQLAlchemy, and right now in the debug
probe (Wing 4b6) when I start typing a variable name like so:


and the autocomplete list pops up, Wing is doing something immediately upon
simple highlighting of an attribute in the pick list which results in the
__get__ code being fired and (in this case) SQL being emitted.  This often
causes exceptions and other grief when trying to use the debug probe,
dependent on the situation.  I also have this issue with other code that
uses __get__ or __getattr__, but the SQLA example is an easy and current
example to use.

I'm not sure what is causing this, but is there any clean way to stop this
from happening?  By "clean" I mean, without trashing useful things like the
SourceAssistant docstring help at the same time (my best guess is that this
is what triggers it).

The exact same thing happens when arrowing through the command history and
cycling through a line with a similar attribute access.  I need to walk on
eggshells to avoid these __get__ triggers.

The way I am currently hacking around the autocompletion problem is to type
"oo.bar", when I want "foo.bar", then cursoring over to fill in the "f",
thereby skipping the autocomplete trigger.  This doesn't help the history
cycling, though.

On a similar note, is there any way to increase the delay to
hover-over-symbol-eval in the source window?  I really like having the
hover-eval in the source window, although when I'm in situations like above
I do need to carefully steer the mouse (more eggshells!) around code to
avoid the exact same triggers.  A longer lag for evaluation would help.

Any relevant recommendations would be great!

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