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Thu Jan 13 09:55:07 MST 2011

On 1/13/11 11:41 AM, Nathan McBride wrote:
> I just started using virtualenvwrapper on my system.  Which btw is
> awesome!  I have all of my virtualenvs in /home/nmcbride/.virtualenv.
> When I created one and then went to save a new project file in the
> directory, I couldn't browse to hidden folders in Wing.  I also tried to
> add a hidden folder into a project, and it again would not see the folder.
> Is there some setting somewhere to toggle the hidden folder flag for the
> file browser in Wing?

Yes, this is a bit dumb.  To get into the .virtualenv directory in the 
file save dialog, go to the enclosing directory, type .virtualenv in the 
entry area and hit enter (you can also tab to partially complete the 
name as you type).  Once saved, you won't have to do this much since the 
project will be in the recent lists/etc.

The project view should however show hidden files and seems to work for 
me.  For example, adding ~/.wingide4 and checking the "include hidden 
and temporary files" option will show everything within that directory.

BTW, it probably doesn't make much sense to put your work in a hidden 
directory.  Hidden directories should be for things that you normally 
don't want to see.  I would personally use ~/virtualenv or ~/src instead 
or something like that.

Hope this helps,


Stephan Deibel
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