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Wed Jan 5 07:45:08 MST 2011

On 1/4/11 9:15 PM, Jose Neto wrote:
> One of the best features of the IDE, in my opinion, is the Debug Probe.
> While stopping on a breakpoint, I open it and often type:
> import pprint from pprint as p
> Then I can pretty print dictionaries, lists, etc, making the debugging activity more enjoyable.
> Is there any way to have some snippet of code (like this above) executed automatically on the debug probe window?

There isn't a simple way to do this now.  If it's more than just the one 
line, it might make sense to put them in a file and copy/paste them in 
as needed.  One of the issues here is that auto-executing code like this 
for each stack frame as you debug is a bit dicey and may cause problems 
(e.g. if some other symbol "p" is already defined).  If it's just 'p' 
you want we should try to define some easy way to do that w/o importing 
anything.  I've added that idea to our list of future enhancements for 
the shells in Wing.



Stephan Deibel
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