[wingide-users] Strange scrolling problem

Gregory Sloan swankgd at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 12:24:04 MST 2011

All of a sudden Wing is giving me some weird behavior that's making it very
annoying to operate.  Whenever I click and hold the left mouse button, the
window starts to scroll downward.  This makes it impossible to select any
text as the screen just keeps moving.

I've tried different mice, same problem.  And it's not happening with any
other application on the system, only Wing.

This started yesterday, it wasn't doing this before.  Did I accidentally
turn on some setting that I'm not aware of?  I've combed through all the
menus and documentation, but can't find anything that would explain this.
 Any ideas?  I'm running Windows 7, x64

Thanks for any help!
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