[wingide-users] mixed tabs and spaces

Linos info at linos.es
Fri Feb 4 10:18:03 MST 2011

I have found the problem, i have pasted some python code from other file edited 
with vim where it was using tabs, do i have any way to only convert selected 
lines? I have tried to re-indent this lines but wing seems to respect the 
original indent in tabs.

  Wing does not seems to have a problem detecting where to look for mixed tab 
and spaces indentation problems but when i fix the complete file it break my 
multiline texts. I am using 4.0.0-b6 (rev 23765).

Miguel Angel.

El 04/02/11 16:41, Wingware Support escribió:
> On 2/4/11 10:17 AM, Linos wrote:
>> i have a file in my project that in the last days have been Wing complaining
>> that have mixed tabs and spaces for indentation, Wing says me that i have 39
>> tabs in the file but i don't want to fix the complete file to use spaces
>> because i have any sql multi-line in the file and get the format broken if i
>> use this option, what i would like to see really it is where are the tabs
>> counted by wing, any ideas how could i search the tabs? I am using Linux.
> In the Search or Search in Files tools you can click on the popup to the right
> of the Search string area to enter tab... or just press Ctrl-T while in the
> search field.
> If the tabs are in places that Wing should not be looking, please send us the
> file is possible. Wing should only be paying attention to tabs before lines of
> Python code and not within logical lines, strings, etc. Also, if you send it to
> us, please let us know which version of Wing you're using.
> You can disable the dialog you're seeing with the Editor / Indentation / Show
> Python Indent Warning Dialog preference (or, I think, the checkbox in the dialog
> itself).
> Thanks,

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