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Fri Feb 4 08:41:37 MST 2011

On 2/4/11 10:17 AM, Linos wrote:
>     i have a file in my project that in the last days have been Wing 
> complaining that have mixed tabs and spaces for indentation, Wing says 
> me that i have 39 tabs in the file but i don't want to fix the 
> complete file to use spaces because i have any sql multi-line in the 
> file and get the format broken if i use this option, what i would like 
> to see really it is where are the tabs counted by wing, any ideas how 
> could i search the tabs? I am using Linux.
In the Search or Search in Files tools you can click on the popup to the 
right of the Search string area to enter tab... or just press Ctrl-T 
while in the search field.

If the tabs are in places that Wing should not be looking, please send 
us the file is possible.  Wing should only be paying attention to tabs 
before lines of Python code and not within logical lines, strings, etc.  
Also, if you send it to us, please let us know which version of Wing 
you're using.

You can disable the dialog you're seeing with the Editor / Indentation / 
Show Python Indent Warning Dialog preference (or, I think, the checkbox 
in the dialog itself).



Stephan Deibel
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