[wingide-users] One more bug with line ends in the debug I/O window

Denis Kirienko denis.kirienko at gmail.com
Sun Dec 25 00:53:38 MST 2011


I want to report about one more bug with line ends when entering data
in the Debug I/O window.

We use Wing IDE 101 4.1.2 and Python 3.2.2.
This bug is reproducible only in Windows (Linux is not affected, MacOS
is not tested).

Enter program:

a = input()
b = input()
print([a, b])

Run it in the Debug mode. Type two lines in the Debug I/O window:


Program outputs ['abc', 'def']. All correct.

Now select two input lines and copy them to clipboard (press Ctrl+C).
Run program again in the Debug mode. And press Ctrl+V to paste input
data from clipboard into the Debug I/O window. Then press Enter.

Progam outputs ['abc\r', 'def\r']

The trailing '\r' characters are always added to the strings, when
input data is copied from clipboard, and only in the Debug mode (and
only in Windows).

Denis Kirienko

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