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Thu Dec 22 07:40:04 MST 2011

On 12/22/11 3:45 AM, Danny Bloemendaal wrote:
> How cool would it be to have an undo that goes past the file-open boundary? So that you can undo from previous edit sessions and not be limited to the current file-open-edit session. Wing could save the undo buffer somewhere. I have always wondered, from a user perspective (not technical!) why it is always limited in editors to the current session. I can imagine that while holding the undo key combi that I get a message when I reach the session boundary with a choice if I want to go back further in time.

I think people use revision control systems for that.  The issue is that 
if you did have unlimited undo then the relatively small size of undo 
steps would become less and less interesting or even confusing the 
longer back in time you go.  Revision control captures logical units of 
work in a much better way.  It also lets you undo a particular change 
without going back through (and undoing) everything up to that point.  I 
think by the time it was done a longer-term undo implementation would 
essentially look like a revision control system (with user-initiated 
commit points) so it doesn't really add much value.  That said, I would 
like to have better ways to browse and undo/redo past revisions in Wing.


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