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Wed Dec 21 07:58:52 MST 2011

On 12/20/11 6:05 PM, Chen, Guojun wrote:
> I’d like to know whether has such feature( like visual studio):
> #1. Compile the python code to EXE ( or other kind of executable format)

As noted in Carlos' response, Wing doesn't have support for this but you 
can do it with pyinstaller, py2exe, and others. I don't have much 
experience with these since Wing has its own approach to packaging that 
predates these. We do develop, test, and debug Wing with itself (most of 
it is written in Python).

> #2. Run the pre-complied EXE file, if any exception happens, it can 
> direct ( launch ) Wing IDE to debug it.

Also as Carlos stated, you generally want to debug from the sources. But 
if you do end up using py2exe and get into a situation where you need to 
debug under py2exe, or want end-users of an app based on Python and 
py2exe to be able to debug with Wing, then the following may be useful: 

BTW, if you do have a compilation step (for example for extension 
libraries or if you use cython) you can set up a build command in Wing 
to precede debugging. This is the Build Command under the Debug tab in 
Project Properties and it uses the OS Commands tool to execute the build.


Stephan Deibel
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