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Very clear answer. I have only used Python and Wing IDE to write and debug small scripts to prepare results written to text output from other routines written in C++ or by parsing text files produced by simulation programs ran also by Python scripts.
I had read about putting together executables by packaging byte code and the run time but I didn't know there were these other packages to do that.
I imagine it gets more complex than that but it makes me think about getting into more complex tasks with a proper GUI with Python, I do mostly research so GUIs are not always the priority.
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By its dynamic nature there is no compilation step on python, at
language level is not possible to just compile a standalone binary
executable, there is however, projects that generate an standalone
executable with the python runtime embedded to run your python code
(check for py2exe, pyInstaller, cx_freeze, etc). Such projects are
outside of the WingIDE (and probably any other IDE) scope.

The suggested workflow would be to develop and debug your code from
source (with WingIDE), once you find it OK use py2exe or one of the
aforementioned tools to create your standalone distribution (this can
be done with WingIDE, you just run your setup script), test the
result, if everything ok distribute, profit!

Carlos Daniel Ruvalcaba Valenzuela
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