[wingide-users] I can't get debugging from inside of Wing to work

Jens Hauch Jens at arena.net
Mon Dec 19 10:58:58 MST 2011

'Debug -> Step Into' (F7) works, but if I then 'Start/Continue' (F5), Wing does not progress to breakpoints and stops debugging. 'Debug > Step over' (F6) seems to work if I start debugging with 'Step Into' instead of 'Start/Continue'.

Now I am really confused as to why 'Debug > Start/Continue' is not working.

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On 12/15/11 6:51 PM, Jens Hauch wrote:
> I can't seem to debug a file from within Wing. Funny thing is I CAN
> debug it when I remote debug from Maya. To make sure it was not
> something in my file I even tried using the debug example code in the
> Wing Documentation under 1.6 Tutorial: Debugging which is:
> def getItemCount():
>     return 5

Can you step into the program by using Debug -> Step Into to start the 



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