[wingide-users] "Shared project" has no effect?

Jai tyggerjai at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 05:46:37 MDT 2011

I'm using Wing IDE to work on a project from multiple computers, and using
SVN outside wing to keep them in sync. I ran into the standard .wpr conflict
problems, and Google suggested the "shared project" setting. My default was
already set to shared, and indeed the .wpr has the following:
"proj.file-type = 'shared'". But I still seem only to have one big .wpr file
on both machines. Creating a new project, with the default "shared" creates
a monolithic .wpr with "proj.file-type = 'shared'", and then a "[user
attributes]" setting, which seems to be contrary to expectations.

This is WingIDE personal version 4.0.3 on linux and Mac. Is it possible that
the split into project and user info files is part of the SVN support that
the personal version doesn't have?


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