[wingide-users] Too many insertions when going out of vi/vim insert mode.

Harald Thingelstad harald at thingelstad.org
Sat Aug 27 17:57:05 MDT 2011

One thing that has been bugging me about the vi/vim mode in Wing Ide
(pro version) for several versions of 4.0:
Several of the instructions in normal mode use a counter. WingIDE works
correctly enough when issuing the command, also when going into
insert mode. But going out of insert mode causes the text inserted to
be repeated. And that rarely happens, if ever in real vi/vim. WingIDE's
behavior at this point is rarely what I intend or need. What I need is
what Vi/Vim does, and I have to press u to undo the copying in Wing, so
I consider it a bug.

Some examples:
Editing the text
"He told the damn nigger to leave."
by placing the curse in front of the word "damn" and issuing the
command "c2w" then writing (in insert mode) "person", then pressing
<esc> to get out of insert mode will, by default settings in vi and vim
"He told the person to leave."
In Wing however, the result of this is:
"He told the personperson to leave."
The "2" in the command causes the result to be inserted twice. I need
to press "u" to remove the extra inserts and get the intended
"He told the person to leave."

Similarly, issuing "3C123<esc>" on 
"123" in vim and "123123123" in Wing.

Issuing "2sle<esc>" on "slef" gives "self" in vim and "selelf" in Wing.

It should be a minor issue to fix, since all these problems can be
corrected by pressing "u", but I do this many times a day and it's
(But the 'r' command works as expected. It only happens when going out
of insert mode.) 

So I hope, can this be fixed one day?
Pretty please?
Harald Thingelstad

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