[wingide-users] Zope support for Plone4

Danny Bloemendaal Danny.Bloemendaal at informaat.nl
Thu Aug 25 00:56:52 MDT 2011

Hi there, 

Does anybody know how to configure wing for zope2 support when using Plone4+buildout? Where do I point Zope2 Instance Home to? If I point it to ../parts/instance, Wing complains:

- Zope2 installation directory could not be read from ZOPEINST/etc/zope.conf or does not exist -- using '/Users/dannyb/Plones/wbPlone4/parts/instance'
- Zope2 instance directory '/Users/dannyb/Plones/wbPlone4/parts/instance' missing expected 'Products' subdirectory
- Zope2 home directory '/Users/dannyb/Plones/wbPlone4/parts/instance' (obtained from etc/zope.conf in the Zope Instance) appears invalid -- missing expected directories and files

Anybody managed to get this to work?



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