[wingide-users] Some thoughts

Danny Bloemendaal Danny.Bloemendaal at informaat.nl
Tue Aug 23 08:14:47 MDT 2011

On 23 aug 2011, at 07:17, Ken Kinder wrote:

> The other thing about Wing is that while its feature list might not be as complete as other IDEs, the features that do exist are rock solid and pragmatically designed: chief among them being the Search In Files tool. PyDev on Eclipse has always had fancy refactoring, but I'd rather have a reliable and powerful search and replace tool that I can count on to a black box wizard that probably works most of the time. It's lower tech, but the Search In Files tool on Wing is better than anything I've ever used. It weened me off grep. In PyCharm, I'd probably go back to grep and cry the whole time.

Well, I'm not with you on this one. Wing's search in files feature is horribly slow. So slow that I never use it. Try working on a project with 10k+ files (Zope/Plone projects for instance). Totally useless. Compare search times of 3 or more minutes against 10 seconds using ack on the command line. Now if they could only make an ack plugin like for TextMate in Wing... /me keeps dreaming.


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