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Mon Aug 22 10:23:23 MDT 2011

On 8/19/11 3:45 PM, David Taylor wrote:
> +1 on having a little more insight into the upcoming features. You guys do
> such a great job of listening to your users&  fixing problems when they
> arise, but you've committed to putting a LOT of features on your to-do list,
> and we're realistic enough to know they won't all appear at once. It would
> really help if you could give us some idea of your priorties for these
> features and/or a rough cut at your intended development sequence. I know
> there are risks in doing that, but there are rewards as well, such as (1)
> getting feedback from us as to our own priorites for those features (other
> than just mentioning the ones we want), and (2) helping us be patient when
> the lack of a feature is frustrating us.

If something is continually frustrating please let us know the 
specifics.  If we don't fix it in a release and it is something you 
really want then please tell us that you are still waiting for the fix.

Prioritization is more of an ongoing process than something we set in 
stone (needs change, urgent things come up, and minor tasks are 
sometimes unpredictably interleaved with work on more major features). 
I do try to update the following periodically:


It does omit smaller things like speeding up Open From Project.


Stephan Deibel
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