[wingide-users] Some thoughts

ristretto.rb at gmail.com ristretto.rb at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 14:11:45 MDT 2011

On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 12:41 PM, Wing IDE Support <support at wingware.com> wrote:
> We're aware of PyCharm and that it does many things nicely.  We are working
> on improving Wing and adding features and we'll be releasing minor releases,
> alphas, betas, etc when things are ready.
> Your feedback is very useful -- just one comment:
>>> It should only be slower the first time and then faster after that.  It
>>> should also be faster the first time in the next release.
>> I should have mention speed, since the speed isn't the main issue.
>> The biggest problems are these:
>> A.  Allowing input in the current editor while waiting for the open
>> files dialog to come up.
> Is this an issue the 2nd+ time you use this?

it is faster, but it still not instant; probably about 500-1000ms.
And, I have resist typing until the dialog is up, else I get text in
my editor I don't.  Basically, capturing those key strokes and
applying to the dialog when it appears does two things.  1) the speed
of opening becomes not a big concern at all - 1 second is fine.  And
that would mean slower systems, being slower, would still be usable.
2)  stops me from messing up editor windows when I forget to wait.

>> B.  Requiring me to type a lot to fine things.  Tab completion, and
>> smart guessing of what I'm looking for
>> would be a huge improvement.
> Are you just typing fragments of the file name or the whole thing?  You can
> enter 'brow init' to get .../browser/__init__.py (just as an example).  You
> can also use the switch-document command; the keybinding depends on the
> keyboard mode.

Oh wow, tail-between-legs...  That works, and I didn't know it worked
that way.  So,

'mo doc'  finds  models.py (Document)  - very cool.

As you know, in the Python, and specific Django world, it is common to
have simple words for files names all over a project and they are
meaningful in their directory context.  For example, there's a
urls.py, models.py views.py and tests.py at least in each app of
django project.

Sorry for being ignorant about that.


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