[wingide-users] Some thoughts

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Fri Aug 19 13:41:25 MDT 2011

We're aware of PyCharm and that it does many things nicely.  We are 
working on improving Wing and adding features and we'll be releasing 
minor releases, alphas, betas, etc when things are ready.

Your feedback is very useful -- just one comment:
>> It should only be slower the first time and then faster after that.  It
>> should also be faster the first time in the next release.
> I should have mention speed, since the speed isn't the main issue.
> The biggest problems are these:
> A.  Allowing input in the current editor while waiting for the open
> files dialog to come up.

Is this an issue the 2nd+ time you use this?

> B.  Requiring me to type a lot to fine things.  Tab completion, and
> smart guessing of what I'm looking for
> would be a huge improvement.

Are you just typing fragments of the file name or the whole thing?  You 
can enter 'brow init' to get .../browser/__init__.py (just as an 
example).  You can also use the switch-document command; the keybinding 
depends on the keyboard mode.



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