[wingide-users] Some thoughts

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Fri Aug 19 08:43:57 MDT 2011

On 8/18/11 7:38 PM, ristretto.rb at gmail.com wrote:
> 1.  I've recently switched to a vertically pivoted monitor, and code
> to 79 columns pep-8.    Having the open files in a horizontal tab line
> at the top is makes it very hard to find open files.  (PyCharm uses
> tabs, but stacks them so they are all visible, and I have lots of
> vertical space.)  What I would dearly like is a list of open files
> down one side of the window.  Can this be done with a plugin?  Can I
> built it?

The list of open files is a good idea, but is probably too difficult to 
implement in a script.  A tool panel the displays all open files is 
probably more doable.  We'll look at possibly adding a list of open 
files in the future.

> 2.  Open From Project is slowish to open, and if I start typing too
> soon, I get text in my current open window.  This window could use
> some power tools like tab completion.  I would use this instead of a
> open files list, if it was fast and quick to use.

It should only be slower the first time and then faster after that.  It 
should also be faster the first time in the next release.

> 3.  Is there a way to copy the path to the current file on the
> clipboard?  Sometimes I need to know it to paste somewhere else.

We need to add this.  A workaround to get the path of the file is to use 
open from keyboard, select the path, and then copy it.

> 1.  super(SomeObject, self).save(*args, **kwargs).  Clicking on save
> should follow the hierarchy to find def save()

I'll increase the priority on supporting this.

> 2.  Django code has this sort of code alot:  obj =
> DjangoModelObject.objects....  Seems like that could be as good as
> isinstance to tell you what obj is

Could you send an example of where this isn't working to 
support at wingware.com ?

> 3.  parameter help

Do you mean parameters in the autocompleter or something else?

> 1.  return in a # comment considers the next line a comment too and puts in a #

Hmm, I guess it depends on the frequency of multiline comments as to 
whether it's better to insert a # after enter or not.

> 2.  git annotate for git integration

We'll add this.

> 3.  copy the default file sets so I could start with and existing one
> to then customize

This should happen automatically when you edit an existing file set.  Is 
it not working?



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