[wingide-users] Some thoughts

ristretto.rb at gmail.com ristretto.rb at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 17:38:29 MDT 2011

Hi Wingsters,

Thanks for a great product.  I have used it over the last few years,
and have recommended it to others.  As it turns out, though, I'm
working for a shop that is requiring I use PyCharm, which I did for a
few weeks.  But, now that I've been here for a while, I've gone back
to Wing.  So, I have both system fresh in my recent experience.

I have to say, PyCharm, feature for feature, is starting to make me a
little concerned about Wing.  But, in fairness, I know that PyCharm
does a lot of indexing and data collection that makes it seem slow at
times and clunky at times.  But, it's not too bad.  Wing on the
otherhand, doesn't bother the user much with indexing and such, which
is nice, but makes for a some limited user experience compared to

I'm running the licensed versions of both product on Ubuntu 11.04 with
a modest i5 processor new Dell machine.

Here are my thoughts in order of importance to me

1.  I've recently switched to a vertically pivoted monitor, and code
to 79 columns pep-8.    Having the open files in a horizontal tab line
at the top is makes it very hard to find open files.  (PyCharm uses
tabs, but stacks them so they are all visible, and I have lots of
vertical space.)  What I would dearly like is a list of open files
down one side of the window.  Can this be done with a plugin?  Can I
built it?
2.  Open From Project is slowish to open, and if I start typing too
soon, I get text in my current open window.  This window could use
some power tools like tab completion.  I would use this instead of a
open files list, if it was fast and quick to use.
3.  Is there a way to copy the path to the current file on the
clipboard?  Sometimes I need to know it to paste somewhere else.

This are real troubling.  I really wish I had support for this things
immediately.  I d

I do like the fact that Wing stays out of the way.  Even though
PyCharm will do some syntax checking on screen, and alert me of needed
imports, and of unneeded ones, I'm happy to use Pep8, PyFlake and/or
PyLint plugins in, instead.

Some of the features of PyCharm that make it shine are it's ability to
follow more paths that Wing can in source analysis.  Here are some
1.  super(SomeObject, self).save(*args, **kwargs).  Clicking on save
should follow the hierarchy to find def save()
2.  Django code has this sort of code alot:  obj =
DjangoModelObject.objects....  Seems like that could be as good as
isinstance to tell you what obj is
3.  parameter help

I think putting isinstance in my code is a no goer.  The PyCharm
coders wouldn't stand for it.

Here are some other things I'd love to see, but aren't deal breakers.

1.  return in a # comment considers the next line a comment too and puts in a #
2.  git annotate for git integration
3.  copy the default file sets so I could start with and existing one
to then customize

Thanks for a great product.  Please convince me that you'll be keeping
up with PyCharm.  I will be heading back to PyCharm now to be fair and
see if it bugs me, and what it's pitfalls are.  I'll report back if
you like.


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