[wingide-users] Running unit tests in django

Philip Gatt gattster at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 18:39:27 MDT 2011

What's the preferred method for running unit tests in django? I haven't been running unit tests inside wing, but wanted to give it a try and am running into some problems.

I configured my project using the django "Projects -> Extensions -> Configure project for django" tab.  The "default test framework" in my project settings was still at unittest.  On this setting, I get an exception when django tries to introspect the app label for models.MyModel. I suppose I could fix this by manually specifying an app_label on every model, but that's an ugly solution. 

So, I edited project settings and changed tests to "django tests". Now it looks like things run, but I see no results. Also, it seems like every test is running even if I only tell it to run one file.

Some help would be much appreciated. 

- Philip

PS I love your product. Wing is the best IDE for python.

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