[wingide-users] Goto Symbol

Adi J. Sieker adi at sieker.io
Thu Apr 28 14:33:53 MDT 2011

On 28/04/11 22:16, Wing IDE Support wrote:
> On 4/28/11 3:59 PM, Adi J. Sieker wrote:
>> Hi,
>> does Wing have a goto symbol function which displays a listbox of all
>> defined symbols in the current file or maybe project. Which I can filter
>> using a text control. Ala TextMates Go to Symbol function.
>> http://manual.macromates.com/en/navigation_overview#function_pop-up
> I think you're looking for Find Symbol on the Source menu.  It 
> currently finds symbols in the current file.

Yes, thanks. I missed that one.

BTW, I use a tiling window manager and I noticed that a lot of the Wing 
dialogs aren't marked as floating or as dialogs. They seem to be normal 
windows  which causes them to be tiled. I noticed this again with the 
Find symbol window, if that opens I have half the screen filled with the 
main Wing window and the other half is the Find Symbol window. I would 
have expected this to be a dialog which would then not be tiled.


> Cheers,
> John

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