[wingide-users] Menu disappeared in ubuntu 11.04

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Wed Apr 27 06:50:01 MDT 2011

On 4/27/11 4:01 AM, Pieter Dumon wrote:
> I updated to Ubuntu 11.04 and the Wing 4.0 menu has disappeared. 
> Reinstalled Wing (updating to 4.0.1) and removed the .wingide folder, 
> but the problem remains. Anyone with same experience?
> In Ubuntu 11.04, the menu is now on the top side of the screen instead 
> of inside the application window. It seems Wing is not compatible yet 
> with Gnome's latest incarnation.

Yes, unity is not working right with our menus.  It's a case of there 
not being proper binary compatibility, something that comes up w/ Linux 
from time to time since distributions tend to assume everyone is 
compiling everything from sources for each dist.

As a work-around, I think you can log in using the "classic desktop" 
instead to get the regular menus.

The following may also be useful, although I haven't tried it and it's 
not something I'd recommend if you're not comfortable w/ restoring 
things from a non-GUI or failsafe login session:


This may also suggest a more localized fix -- I wonder if doing "unset 
UBUNTU_MENUPROXY" before launching Wing from the command line will fix it?

I can't try either of these at the moment so please let us know if they 



Stephan Deibel
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