[wingide-users] Override behavior for Source Assistant

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Tue Apr 12 11:49:15 MDT 2011

On 4/12/11 12:41 PM, Deepankar Sharma wrote:
> I am recently using OpenCV and perhaps because its a C module the source
> assistant does not provide meaningful documentation.
> a) Is there someway to override what the source assistant does to
> resolve a particular function? The OpenCV online documentation has a
> index page for its functions and I want to write some user scripts to
> look in the index, get the entry for the function and then display the
> page from that function in the source assistant.

You can create your own OpenCV.pi file (assuming OpenCV is the module 
name) and put it in the pi-files subdirectory of your Wing settings 
directory.  I'd suggest using the auto-generated OpenCV.pi file as a 
template; you should be able to open it by using goto definition 
(ctrl-click or F4) on import OpenCV

> b) Can the source assistant display HTML formatted documentation?
> c) Seperately while writing some Django based code, ive wished I could
> embed a browser pane in WingIDE, is there someway to do this?

HTML rendering is not currently supported inside of Wing.  We hope to 
add this in a future version.



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