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David Korz dkorz at gridironsystems.com
Fri Apr 8 12:58:16 MDT 2011

What's more irritating is being asked to confirm the action each time. 

What I'd like is an option to have the recycle, delete, both, or either
menu items and an option to remove the "are you sure dialog box". This
is pretty much what Nautilus has.

FWIW, since my source is all in mercurial I don't need the extra safety
of the recycle bin. All this does for me is make me go empty the bin
every so often. Not tragic, just an annoyance.

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I prefer the recycle bin or trash.  A separate unrecoverable 'Delete'
may be useful.  However I don't think the saving of a couple of key
strokes is that material.

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