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Fri Apr 8 07:44:52 MDT 2011

On 4/7/11 11:41 PM, Ian Bevan wrote:
>  * Can "Move to recylcing bin" be simply called "Delete"? I know it's 
> minor, but it's irritating.

I realize Windows calls it delete in its menus, but I've been a bit 
hesitant to follow that example because it could be misleading if people 
don't assume Wing is using the recycling bin.  Another item Delete that 
really deletes may be an option.

>  * Can the File Properties window include some file system properties, 
> like location, size and timestamp?

Yes, that would be useful.  Also like the tooltip idea, as an option.

>  * Can you add a "Explore/Browse Location" right click menu option, 
> which would open an Explorer window for the folder in which the 
> selected file resides? Obviously different platforms have their own 
> version of this.

Will try to add something like this. It might be possible to modify one 
of the following to achieve this:




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