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Tue Apr 5 18:15:30 MDT 2011

On 4/5/11 6:32 PM, Andrew Ittner wrote:
> I noticed a few annoyances and a missing feature while customizing my
> keyboard mappings in WingIDE Pro 4.0.
> The Preferences window does not retain its size, even within the same
> IDE session.  Whenever I open it (which is frequently when resetting my
> keyboard mappings), it reverts to the standard dimensions.  I have
> enough real estate that I can resize it so most of its panels don't have
> scrollbars; it would be nice for Wing to remember that.

This should work as you are expecting it to. Can you send us a bug 
report from Wing's Help menu?

> Would it be possible for Wing to automatically re-register a custom
> keyboard mapping file when it changes, instead of the user going to
> Preferences, switching to the default mapping, hitting Apply, switching
> back to the custom file, and hitting Apply again?

I think it's relatively uncommon for users to work directly with key map 
files, but I agree this is a good idea and I've made a note of it.

> Missing feature - I keep my keyboard mapping file in a custom directory.
> It is based on keyboard.basic, and I really like the ``%include
> keyboard.basic`` feature.  But %include does not recognize WINGHOME (or
> %WINGHOME or $WINGHOME), so I have to copy or link the
> WINGHOME/keyboard.basic to the same directory.
> It would be more useful if I could specify ``%include
> WINGHOME/keyboard.basic``, or even better, just have Wing look in the
> current directory, then WINGHOME for the include.  This would help keep
> the mapping file identical between my Windows&  Linux machines.

Also a good idea, thanks. A workaround might be to use a relative path, 
possibly in conjunction with a symbolic link on Linux.



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