[wingide-users] Keyboard mapping import

Andrew Ittner wb at rhymingpanda.com
Tue Apr 5 16:32:35 MDT 2011

I noticed a few annoyances and a missing feature while customizing my
keyboard mappings in WingIDE Pro 4.0.

The Preferences window does not retain its size, even within the same
IDE session.  Whenever I open it (which is frequently when resetting my
keyboard mappings), it reverts to the standard dimensions.  I have
enough real estate that I can resize it so most of its panels don't have
scrollbars; it would be nice for Wing to remember that.

Would it be possible for Wing to automatically re-register a custom
keyboard mapping file when it changes, instead of the user going to
Preferences, switching to the default mapping, hitting Apply, switching
back to the custom file, and hitting Apply again?

Missing feature - I keep my keyboard mapping file in a custom directory.
It is based on keyboard.basic, and I really like the ``%include
keyboard.basic`` feature.  But %include does not recognize WINGHOME (or
%WINGHOME or $WINGHOME), so I have to copy or link the
WINGHOME/keyboard.basic to the same directory.

It would be more useful if I could specify ``%include
WINGHOME/keyboard.basic``, or even better, just have Wing look in the
current directory, then WINGHOME for the include.  This would help keep
the mapping file identical between my Windows & Linux machines.


Andrew Ittner

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