[wingide-users] Long lines in Python Shell cause problems

curtis osterhoudt flutzpah at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 30 15:57:36 MDT 2010

Dear Support, 

   I'm using release 4 of 4.0.0 beta (though my issue is/was present with the 
latest 3.2 professional version, too). 

   If I use the python shell and want to use the up-arrow to review/reuse old 
entries, things are fine, until I go past a long line (one which has to scroll 
to the right to complete). The window stays scrolled to the right, so that short 
lines which were entered before or after that long line sometimes aren't even 
visible in the shell. If I use "home" or the left arrow to go to the beginning 
of those lines, the history "buffer position" resets to the latest entry, so 
that I have to up-arrow once again past the long lines. 

   Please let me know if I can clarify, or how I can send an example.

                             Curtis O.

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