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Wed Sep 29 08:39:38 MDT 2010

Lukasz Michalski wrote:
> Personally I don't think that not receiving one spam message per 6
> months is better than having to wait a couple of hours or until next day
> to see that hold on every post that I sent was released.
> If you could do per member moderation I would opt for automatic
> moderation for initial members only and turning it on later only for
> specific cases.

That's what we had been doing since 2007.  Since moderating is a pain I 
suspect we'll probably start doing that again.

The step of turning on moderation for everyone was still a good one 
since there were many many unmoderated addresses from before 2007 that 
almost never post.

I agree one spam message here and there doesn't matter much.  What I'd 
like to avoid is having many emails reach the list before we catch it. 
This could be hundreds or thousands.  Since spammers try to look like 
legit emailers they don't usually email many messages from the same 
"from" address.  But I have seen this pattern and it could get to the 
list as long as there are unmoderated members.

A longer-term solution might be grey listing or allowing the poster to 
self-approve their message somehow.  We've stayed away from grey listing 
since it doesn't work well with some MTAs but hopefully this situation 
will improve.  Other than losing some percentage of legit emails (a 
small detail ;-) grey listing looks like a great way to control spam.


Stephan Deibel
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