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Mon Sep 27 11:08:32 MDT 2010

Matt Feifarek wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 4:24 PM, Wing IDE Support 
> <support at wingware.com <mailto:support at wingware.com>> wrote:
>     We considered embedding but don't think it's a realistic option
>     given the high level of integration that Wing needs with the editor.
> Could be. I don't know about "realistic" of course... I expect that it 
> would be a pretty big project for you guys to switch gears. Other 
> projects are using vim with debugging and such http://pida.co.uk/ (but 
> they're not as nice as Wing, and may not have as much integration). 
> Still, I should think that with the ability to script via python, it 
> ought to be just as possible as controlling scintilla. Of course, what 
> do I know ;-)
>     As I mentioned, we're constantly improving the vi mode so please
>     send us reports of what's missing.
> I'm not sure it can work that way. For example, how can one set a 
> leader key in the vi/vim emulation in Wing? I've also got the rapid 
> sequence of "kj" mapped to <esc> to get out of insert mode. Can Wing 
> do that somehow?

This wouldn't work unless you never want to type 'k' or 'j'.  ;-) We'ld 
need to add the notion of 'rapid sequence' to the key binding mechanism 
for this to work.  I'm not personally a fan of having keys do different 
things depending on how fast I type them.  Seems like bad user interface 
design to have to know that I need to type "inkjet" slowly.

> There is the stock command ^y which copies the character directly 
> above the current cursor when in insert mode; there is "g;" to jump 
> back to previous change (useful when leaving insert mode to go look 
> something up somewhere else in code)... I don't think it's reasonable 
> to reverse engineer all of them ;-)

I'll try to add 'ctrl-y' and 'g;' although the latter would require some 
internal features not yet present in Wing (visiting change history; 
something we do want to add eventually).

Please don't hesitate to send vi binding requests to 
support at wingware.com or submitting them with the Feedback feature in the 
Help menu as you think of them.  I'll add them to our list and will try 
to implement them.  While reverse engineering everything isn't worth it, 
the set of bindings actually used seems to be manageable.



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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