[wingide-users] Re: VIM mode and .vimrc

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Thu Sep 23 15:24:37 MDT 2010

On 9/23/10 4:37 PM, Matt Feifarek wrote:
> It might be a stupid question, but rather than emulate vim, why not
> embed Real Vim? It's free software, seems embeddable, and works on all
> your target platforms. It's script-able from python (and python3) and
> has gtk support. You'd get syntax highlighting, snippets, macros and all
> of that for free.

We considered embedding but don't think it's a realistic option given 
the high level of integration that Wing needs with the editor.  As I 
mentioned, we're constantly improving the vi mode so please send us 
reports of what's missing.

It's also possible to set up Wing to always reload files if they change 
on disk so you can use an external editor such as vi for editing and 
Wing for debugging or other activities.



And yes, we've use Wing almost exclusively to work on Wing -- the only 
exception is when a C level debugger is needed.

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