[wingide-users] debugger sometime stops working

electrotype electrotype at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 19:03:23 MDT 2010

  I use:

- Windows 7
- Python 2.6.5
- Wing, 4.0.0-b4 (rev 22731)

And I try to debug a Django app. The way I currently do it:

- I Start Wing
- I Make sure "Enable passive listen" is checked.
- I Make sure wingdbstub.py and wingdebugpw are in the project folder
- I put this at the beginning of a "views" file:
import wingdbstub
if wingdbstub.debugger != None:
- I run "python manage.py runserver 8123" in an /external/ Windows command prompt
- I put a breakpoint in a view function
- I browse the page associated with this view using my browser

This works fine and it breaks in Wing most of the time. But sometime it just stops working! 
Breakpoints don't break anymore.

I then restart Wing and the Django's server and this sometime helps... Sometime not.
Sometime I'm able to use "Attach to process" and it will debug, sometimes it gives me this error 
when I try to attach to the only listed process (port 50015) :

- "Could not attach to host, port 50015: The remote process is not accepting connections 
or is not running."

Am I missing something? Is there a way to start the debuging process that always work?
Any things I should check?

Thanks in advance!


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