[wingide-users] source assistant in tooltip near cursor

electrotype electrotype at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 19:40:52 MDT 2010

  Hello World!

I'm new to Python, to Wing and to this mailing list! I'm currently learning how to use Wing and I 
have a question:

When typing parameters for a method or function, let's say "myVar.show(", is it possible to show the 
required parameters in a tooltip? Currently I see that the "Source Assitant" Tool shows them, but in 
the Tool Box only, and I think it's easier on the eyes when this information is just beside the 
cursor. As the auto-completion feature shows a popup near the cursor, is it possible to show the 
required parameters near the cursor too? Some editors allow this by typing CTRL-SHIFT-SPACE.

This is an example from phped, an editor for php:


Thanks in advance for any help or tip!


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