[wingide-users] Class Hiearchy in Source Browser

David Taylor taylor234 at comcast.net
Wed Sep 8 09:39:05 MDT 2010

Hi, guys,


I'm posting this on the user's list rather than sending it directly to you
because I want to see if it gets any support from other users. I would
really, really, really like to have a class hiearchy browser in Wing. Having
had that browser in other environments, I find it difficult to live without
and sometimes wonder (gasp!) whether I might find it in an alternate tool. 


The need for this view is increasing all the time. I'm working on a natural
language system, and with all the exceptions and special cases that NL
involves, the class hierarchy is becoming ever deeper. With environments
that have a hierarchy browser up in the corner, I get immediate feedback on
which classes will be affected by any change I make, and I'm able to quickly
identify the best level of generality to make the change. Without it, I feel
like I'm wandering around in the dark. Yes, the source browser helps, but
it's too flat. 


Up till now, I was able to visualize the hiearchy in my mind, but I've
passed that point now. So I'm using the Word outliner feature (ugh!) to
recreate the class hierarchy, which is a real pain because I'm now making
modifications in two places. 


The obvious place to put the class hierachy browser is to make it an option
in the source browser, so it's not a basic UI change. I did a little
searching and there are lots of open-source outlines in Python if you wanted
to use a plug-in, but given that you already have all the information ready
to hand, the only thing that's is a visual tool that permits folding and
expansion. And you're already doing that in other places...


BTW, I know that hiearchical browsing is complicated by the fact that Python
supports multiple inheritance, but if you just show all the classes that
refer to each class as a super, that's clear enough for me. It doesn't
bother me if a class shows up in more than one place. 


For me, this is the single most important enhancement you could make to
Wing. When I have to resort to using a separate 'tool' like Word to
replicate and visualize data that Wing is already maintaining, it's a pretty
clear indication to me that something vital is missing.


I love Wing. I don't even want to *think* about doing another review of
IDEs. But this one is really giving me a hard time.


Thanks, as always, for your great support,





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